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Our knowledge is powered by 18 patents and 35 years of experience.
Row Hot Tub Controls
USC - Standard

USC, as low as $324.95
USC - External Heater
USC Remote Digital Spa Controller
USC - Dual Heaters

Megatrol Digital

Lowest Operating Cost
Megatrol Rainproof

Lowest Operating Cost
Megatrol Pneumatic

Air Switching



Compact Spa Control

Spa Side Controllers







WF100 WiFi Control


Spa Packs
Compact Hot-Line

for 1.5" Plumbing
Compact Hot-Line

for 2" Plumbing

for 2" Plumbing
Spa Pumps

for 2", 2.5", 3" Plumbing
Megaflow & Motor Coolers

for 2", 2.5", 3" Plumbing
Magnaflow & Motor Coolers

for 2x2", 2.5x2", 2.5x2.5" Plumbing
Magnaflow 56-Frame

for 2x2", 2.5x2", 2.5x2.5" Plumbing
Magnaflow 48-Frame

for 2x2", 2.5x2", 2.5x2.5" Plumbing
Stealth Circulating

43gpm at 3.75psi!

for 1.5" x 1.5" Plumbing

for 1.5" x 1.5" Plumbing

Plumb 1.5" IN, 1.5" OUT
Aquaheat Plus

Plumb 2" IN, 2" OUT

for 2" Plumbing
Supercharger II

for 2" Plumbing, 5.5kW Heater
Spa Sterilization

UV Sterilization


Chlorine/Ozone Generator
Spa Heaters

Heater & Manifold
Industry Standard

Heater & Manifold

Heater & Manifold

Industry Standard



Heater & Cover
CHL, CHLAP, Quickset

DT Series Spa Pack

Spa Blowers
SQ Blower

for 1.5" or 2" Plumbing
Turbo Air Plus

for 1.5" Plumbing
Electrical Components


Power Cords




Air Switches

Hi-Limit Switches

Pressure Switches

Thermostat Switches

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Timer Controls
Spa Massagers

Relaxing & Therapeutic

Relaxing & Therapeutic

Relaxing & Therapeutic
Save money! Buy manufacturer direct! Eliminate the middleman! We design and manufacture spa controls, electric heaters, spa blowers, spa and hot tub pumps, water jets and mechanical massagers as well as complete and unique spas. Our knowledge is powered by 18 patents and 35 years of experience. Consumers save lots of money with our energy efficient and reliable support systems. All our products are built new to order. We can power any spa worldwide regardless of the brand. We usually ship within three working days from order date.
Why pay retail??? Buy manufacturer direct and save!!!!
We are the only spa pump, blower, control, heater, pack and hot tub massager manufacturer to sell direct to the public at affordable prices. All other hot tub equipment manufacturers have to sell through the standard sales channel, from spa manufacturer, to dealer, to distributer, to service people, and finally to the consumer at high cost. Only with Acura Spa Systems, Inc., consumers can purchase brand new, reliable, top quality hot tub packs, factory direct with no middle man.
We can properly manage your hot tub.
Our hot tub parts and accessories can power virtually any portable spa! Simply verify dimensions for direct drop-in replacement in your spa. We carry all materials in stock. Since 1987, we have powered over 1.3 million hot tubs of different names and brands. We can also power yours. Call us for any technical questions, 951-684-6667 x.223
Knowledge and experience you can trust.
Unlike other spa suppliers whose knowledge is just marketing talk, our knowledge is powered by 16 Patents and 25 years of experience in designing hot tubs and hot tub components.
Energy Efficiency:
We can transfer the heat from your motor to the water and save you money with our patented technology:
Your spa motor is generating heat when run on a daily basis for water filtration and when the heater is "ON". This heat from your motor is currently wasted inside the spa cabinet. Our patented motor cooler transfers most of this heat to the spa water saving you lots of money on a heating cycle.
Click to see the test performed by an independent lab at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo for compliance to Title 20 as required by the California Energy Commission (C.E.C.).
For safety:
Acura Spa Systems controls, packs, pumps and heaters have been tested for public safety by ETL and UL for STD 1563 and STD 1081 as well as for CE and IEC requirements for hot tubs and spas.

Since 1987, Acura Spa Systems, Inc. has been committed to excellence. That same commitment continues to be our primary focus today. Our production capability to manufacture spa pumps, spa digital controls, spa pneumatic controls, spa blowers, spa air bleeders, spa equipment packs, spa jets, and spa massagers, along with our people are our greatest strengths. We pride ourselves in having the best research and development department striving to provide you with the newest, innovative and patented products. Acura Spa Systems, Inc. has supplied products for many years to many of the major brand spa manufacturers throughout the world such as:

ACC Hot Tub Controls Action Spas Alp Spas/Associated Leisure Products Applied Computer Controls Bullfrog Spas
Catalina Spas Carribbean Spas Country Leisure Spas Curtis Spas D. M. Industries
Dakota Spas Diamonte Spas/Sensation Spas Dimension One Spas Dolphin Spas Goodlife Spas
Grecian Spas Hawkeye Spas Hydromassage Hydromax Islander Spas
ITT Industries/HydroAir (Europe) Izzi Manufactuing Jetpool (Brazil) Leisure Spas/Sedona Spas Life Spas
Lifespring Spas Marathon Spas Mountain Springs Spas Orozco International Spas Pacific Fiberglass
Pacific Pool and Spas (Canada) Phoenix Spas Platinum Spas Seacard Pool and Spas Sequoia Spas
Sunbelt Spas Sunquest ThermoSpas US Tooling Spas United Super Spas
VitaSpas Vortex Whirlpool Systems, Inc. and many others.

ThermoSpas Pumps
For over 30 years we have successfully powered over 1.3 million hot tubs with our energy efficient spa control. Most of our consumers are happy with the reliability of our hot tub control. We save our customers lots of money on spa controls repairs. Our customers save lots of money on hot tub heaters operating cost. We build the most energy efficient hot tub heater in the world. We can rejuvenate any spa, anywhere with a new spa pack regardless of the spa brand or location. We also build complete series of spa controls and spa heaters for the European market. Our spa controls vary from 2.5kW spa heater all the way up to 11.5kW spa heater. We can reduce operating costs for all spas and swimspas with our smart computer spa control system.

Spa repair is very simple and straight forward. Consumers can save thousands of dollars by repairing their own hot tubs. Hot tub repair people are very expensive for the knowledge and services they provide. Most of the charges are for driving the truck to the location. Once at the location, the spa repair person is equipped with a screwdriver and a multimeter to check voltages and amps to different components inside the spa cabinet. In addition, they charge over 300% on part replacements. Hot tub owners and spa owners can save thousands of dollars by doing it themselves. Acura Spa Systems offers replacement spa controls at very affordable prices. Our hot tub controls are energy efficient and turn on the spa heater only when it is necessary. We also manufacture replacement spa pumps with minimum amp draw. DIY spa repair is very simple and straight forward. DIY hot tub repair and save hundreds of dollars. We made the spa repair near me affordable using our DIY program. Our DIY program would save you money on hot tub repairs near me.

All hot tubs are produced with the same concept
All portable spas need a spa heater to heat the water and a pump to circulate the water through the pipes, spa heater, spa filter and water jets. A portable spa is also equipped with a spa control to maintain and monitor the temperature. Spa manufacturers purchase controls from companies such as Acura Spa Systems, Balboa Instruments, Balboa Water Groups, Newport Controls, Hydroquip, Spa Builders Support Group, Len Gordon Controls, ACC Controls, Applied Computer Controls, Gecko Controls, United Spa Controls, Life Force and others. Spa manufacturers purchase pumps from pump manufacturers such as Acura Spa Systems, Waterway Pumps, Vico Pumps, Aquaflow Pumps, Premier Pumps, Hayward Pumps, TruForce Pumps and Stayrite Pumps. Acura Spa Systems can save you money when replacing your existing spa control and heater with our energy efficient spa pack and also save you lots of money with our patented motor cooler pump. Call our technical support at 951-684-6667 ext. 223 and we can provide you with valuable free advice on how to rejuvenate your old hot tub regardless of the hot tub brand. Here is a list of hot tub makers and distributors in the US and Canada:

Waterway LifeSpas Thermospas Phoenix Spas Action Spas American Spas
Artesian Spas ACC Advanced Spas Apollo Spas ALP Spas Aquatic Spas
Aquamonde Spas Anton Spas Aries Spas Armstrong Spas Aspen Spas Balboa Instruments
Balboa Watergroup Balboa Bullfrog Spas Brett Aqualine Baja Spas Beachcomber Spas
Bluewater Spas Caldera Spas Cal Spas Caribbean Spas Curtis Spas Catalina Spa
Coleman Spas Clearwater Spas Country Leisure Spas CRL Classact Charisma Spas
Classic Spas Dimension One Spas Dolphin Spas Dreammaker Spas Diamente Spas Diamondback Spas
Dynasty Spas Emerald Spas Freeflow Spas Fourwinds Spas Gecko Golden Spas
Greatlake Spas Grecian Spas Gatsby Spas Hawkeye Spas Hydrospas Hydroquip
Honeytubs Hydroglass Hottubfactory Islanderspas Iconspas Izzispas
PacificSpas Platinumspas pdcspas QCAspas LASpas Leisurebay Spas
Len Gordon Maax Spas Marathon Spas Master Spas Mountainspring Spas Morganspas
M7spa Northwestspas Nuwavespa Nordicspas Newportspas Hotspringspas
Hottubworks Hydrospas Saratogaspas Sensationalspas Sensationalhottubs sensationspas
sunbeltspas sundancespas Sunsetspas Spadepot Spaguts Spa Manufacturers
Sunquest Spas Spa Heaven South Pacific Spas Spabuilders Secardspas Spacrest
Sunwestspas Spaplus Splashtime Southwestindustries Santabarbara spas Sevenseasspas
Tigerriverspas Turbospas TDI Unitedspas Usspas Vitaspas
Whiteswanspas Jacuzzi        

Our dedication to cost reduction in manufacturing has resulted in the most competitive trade pricing offered anywhere. With advanced product innovation, unsurpassed product quality and unparalleled service, we hope to be your best supplier. When ordering on line please complete an order form with proper model number(s) so we can produce your product accordingly. When buying our products, you are doing business with a knowledgeable, professional and reliable company.

If you need technical assistance E-mail your questions to and our experts will assist you with your questions.


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**Beating competitor's price: We will meet or beat any competitor's written quotation for hardware of the same capability, such as: plumbing size, voltage, motor horsepower, motor 1 or 2-speed, heater length, safety test report, etc.

A $9.95 Handling charge is applied to all orders.

All products sold per our "Terms and Conditions" found in the "Support" section of our menu.

When your order is produced, the pump motor used (A.O. Smith, Regal Beloit, Marathon Electric, etc.) will be whatever is in stock in our factory at the time.